Learning and developing together for achievement


Redbridge Alternative Provision (RAP), previously named Redbridge Tuition Service, is a PRU that works with children from age 5-16 who are temporarily out of school. The Service provides education for pupils who have been permanently excluded: those who are at the risk of exclusion; school-refusers and non-attendees; those who have medical conditions and illnesses, which preclude them attending school; pregnant schoolgirls.

The Service has a team of teachers who work in a variety of locations. The aim is to teach all pupils, apart from those in Year 11, until they are able to return to school or another provision within the EOTAS (Education Other Than At School) structure. All pupils follow the National Curriculum and pupils in Year 11 work towards external accreditation such as GCSE, Entry Level Certificate, the ASDAN Scheme and RSA/Clait. Ofsted judged Redbridge Tuition Service as ‘Outstanding’ in December 2018.

RAP has  created and  runs a ‘Short Stay Group’ which offers schools the opportunity to refer a pupil directly for a placement of up to 15 days. RAP currently also runs a provision for Year 11 pupils who have arrived in Redbridge after the Autumn half-term and for whom mainstream places are not available.