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About Us

The New Rush Hall Group is an educational organisation in the London Borough of Redbridge that works within a range of settings with children who are experiencing social, emotional and/or mental health difficulties (SEMH). It comprises an all-age day Special School, a Behaviour Support Outreach Team, 2 Pupil Referral Units (PRUs), a specialist Early Years’ provision and the education provision at Brookside, which is an adolescent psychiatric unit. In reorganising resources and services in this way in 1999, we have paid recognition to the continuum of need for children and young people whose difficulties range from mild behavioural difficulties to more severe mental health problems. We aim to provide a ‘joined up’ strategic and management approach to meeting such needs.

The Governors of The New Rush Hall School and New Rush Hall Management Committee, in conjunction with the LA, manage and oversee all these resources and services.

The New Rush Hall School, which opened in September 1991, offers education, support and guidance to up to 64 youngsters who have SEMH difficulties. The school was granted ‘Trailblazer’ Specialist School status in September 2005 and was cited as a case study in the DfES document ‘The Future of Special Schools’. Ofsted judged the school as ‘Outstanding’ in January 2008, December 2012 and November 2016. It was redesignated as a High Performing Specialist School (September 2008) and awarded a second specialism in Applied Learning from April 2009. In February 2010 the school  became a National Support School.

The New Rush Hall Early Years provision, known as The Piccolo, opened in April 2008 offering part-time places for 12 Foundation and KS1 children, with scope to support an additional four children in their mainstream schools. The aim of the service is to provide a therapeutic and compensatory nurturing experience, which, it is hoped, will preclude children needing full-time special education when they are older. The Piccolo offers a training resource to referring schools, which are required to allocate staffing resources for one morning per week, to support the placement.

The Behaviour Support Outreach Service works in mainstream schools, offering support to the school and/or the student. All of its teachers are skilled at working with youngsters who can present difficult behaviour and are able to offer both curricular and counselling support. Their range of interventions include consultation, observation, joint planning, giving feed back and advice to staff, individual work, small group work, in-class support, team teaching and delivering INSET. As well as working with students individually, in small groups or whole classes, Outreach Teachers offer support to schools in the development and implementation of whole school policies. The Outreach Service uniquely manages the administration of the service from a web-based Management Information Service that has been developed with and by the team.

The Constance Bridgeman Centre is a KS4 Pupil Referral Unit (PRU), where teaching and support staff offer an alternative and compensatory educational experience to 40 students in their last two years of school, through a combination of traditional subjects and life skills. It is based on the Redbridge College campus, where good links have been established. Where appropriate, students can continue their studies for examinations started in their mainstream schools. Following an Ofsted inspection in October 2017, the Centre obtained a ‘Good’ judgment.

Redbridge Alternative Provision (RAP), previously named Redbridge Tuition Service, is a PRU that works with children from age 5-16 who are temporarily out of school. The Service provides education for pupils who have been permanently excluded: those who are at the risk of exclusion; school-refusers and non-attendees; those who have medical conditions and illnesses, which preclude them attending school; pregnant schoolgirls. The Service has a team of teachers who work in a variety of locations. The aim is to teach all pupils, apart from those in Year 11, until they are able to return to school or another provision within the EOTAS (Education Other Than At School) structure. All pupils follow the National Curriculum and pupils in Year 11 work towards external accreditation such as GCSE, Entry Level Certificate, the ASDAN Scheme and RSA/Clait. Ofsted judged RAP as ‘Outstanding’ in  December 19. Following on from this judgement, Redbridge Tuition Service created and has run a ‘Short Stay Group’ which offers schools the opportunity to refer a pupil directly for a placement of up to 15 days. RAP currently also runs a provision for Year 11 pupils who have arrived in Redbridge after the Autumn half-term and for whom mainstream places are not available.

Brookside is a specialist adolescent psychiatric service for up to 30 teenagers and provides residential, day and outpatient assessment, as well as on-site education and consultation to the wider professional network. The majority of students who attend are not Redbridge students. Referrals can only be made by a consultant psychiatrist. The education provision at Brookside is managed through the New Rush Hall Group.

The essence of our work throughout the service is a commitment to facilitate personal growth and development for the youngsters with whom we work. Therefore we strive to find individual solutions to individual problems, within a framework that is needs-driven, rather than resource-driven. We aim to help in developing youngsters so that they get on with themselves, get on with others and can stand on their own two feet and cope with life’s ups and downs.

The New Rush Hall Group is a creative and dynamic organisation at the cutting edge of specialist work with children and young people who have serious behavioural, emotional and social and/or mental health difficulties.